Who is responsible for corruption in India?

“If something can corrupt you, you’re corrupted already.”

Well said! And it is especially true in India. I mean, isn’t it us who prefer slipping in a Rs 500 note to the traffic police officer than getting a fine (challan) or our vehicle towed? What about the times we want a whiskey bottle on a dry day? Don’t we go through the back door and try to get it anyway?

Like it or not, these are small forms of corruption. Yes, we are all corrupted.

And maybe because it has become such a normal part of our life that we tend to let it off easily as well. Maybe not easily but after a lot of discussions, swearing at the politicians, complaining about the system; we finally let it go.

Recently the Supreme Court announced the 2G scam verdict. All the accused were acquitted. Here is what Quora has to say about the corruption in India!!

Who is responsible for corruption in India?

Corruption, common man thinks politicians and other officers are spreading corruption. But how does officers and politicians gets corrupt? Somewhere knowingly or unknowingly common man is also responsible for corruption. Lets have look at different situations. These are observed situations in general case:

  • Morning father goes to drop his child to school, he is getting late so he will take wrong side of street. Now if Traffic guy catches him, he will say “how much you need, take and let me go” What his kids learn from this? Traffic police are always corrupt. But who made them corrupt?
  • Going to office, or anywhere, How many of will honestly stop at Red Light, if there is no Traffic Control officer to monitor cross roads? Hardly any of us would stop. Are we honest. for some or other reason we are always getting late and saying this to thyself and others we often break traffic rules.
  • Getting national ID card, like Voters ID, Ration card, Pan cards, birth certificates,Passport, etc. hardly some will go and stand in queue, mostly others will get it done paying some bribe on the name of FEES. And we say they have done our job by saving our time, why not to pay some money to them? is it not spreading corruption.
  • Getting Driving Licence, hardly few will go and give driving test, others will choose option of getting it done. is not spreading corruption.
  • We are not taking invoice while purchasing Gold, or home appliances or even grocery items etc, to save little amount, so shopkeeper enjoys this benefit and he escapes in paying tax, to save his tax he pays bribe to officers.
  • We are lazy so we do not even go to choose our representatives during election. Or neither we take few minutes to read about who is our representative, is he/she capable of taking responsibilities? is he/she educated? is he/she honest? we never do that.
  • Even now a days people are ready to Rs. 100 to change there Rs.500 note, saying we need money.
  • The other reason for corruption is because people are not having proper information, or they get panic of hearing half or incorrect information.
  • These are just small observations from our day to day lives.
  • But now it has all turned in cyclic manner, if you will not pay so called extra fees, your work will not get done. Or because we are paying, corruption will not be overcome.

But Lets see other side, how a common man can help to overcome Corruption:

  • Participating in getting country digital, can help to overcome corruption. If we are not aware of digital technology every one of us can learn and accept changes.
  • Now Government has turned Digital, so we can apply online or get information of how to get enrolled through their websites. So no there are chances to reduce corruption.
  • Getting used to with new technology might be difficult for us . But People have accepted Facebook and Twitter and other social media, so why not we can accept these changes which are in favor of our welfare.
  • Lets start being honest with ourselves, so kids around us learn this from childhood.
  • Lets stop getting overwhelmed, lets stop being panic in any case, rather understand the situation, read all genuine information regarding situation and handle it wisely.
  • Lets be honest and responsible citizen.

Lets not blame who is responsible of corruption, instead, help to overcome corruption. If every one of us gets aware of thyself and put a little effort, our country can be beautiful, no one will sleep hungry, and lot many problems of our country can be resolved.


Corruption is very much a national attribute but being an academician and social worker, in my view its fundamentally a ‘personality’ attribute. It has different forms both in monetary and non-monetary. At needs level, corruption occurs at every stage of need, example say as per Maslow’s Need Hierarchy. Situational Examples.. Physiological (During Hud Hud.. People with Social power bribed for food – stock for next 1–2 days, they claim their sanity for its food).. Safety (you will see ample cases from war time diaries of people rescued/ bank balances for tomorrow and generations ahead).. love/ belonging (trying to do ‘anything’ for happiness of the family).. esteem needs (bribing for contracts and opportunities to satisfy the esteem needs)..

(With my limited experiences in life till date) self-actualization needs are the only needs that doesn’t motivate one to bribe.. many people who believes in this keeps promoting spiritual stuff (Bhutan If you are mentioning about monetary corruption in Government Offices.. it falls under motivation for a combination for belonging/ safety/ esteem needs.

Too many lines and didn’t find a clue of answer yet? 🙂

One’s Thought Process is the key to corruption. When this ‘one’ extends to Society, say, India as a country, citizens’ thought process combined with lapses in Government systems and policies might have good share of responsibility.



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