6 Signs You Have Finally Found Your True Soul Mate

Often in life, we are in a situation where we are faced with an utterly unworkable and indescribable feeling that puts the most hopeless romantics to shame. These moments are un-ironically often (and hopefully always!) shared with that significant other and special someone in our life, that we have loved to betroth thus far.

Well, it is only fair that no word, verse or poem does this person justice and most of all when they are the perfect missing jigsaw puzzle bit in your life. But it is often impassively missed on how impactful this person is in your life and how lucky you are to have found someone who was so incredulously down your alley, to put it hipley.

The fact that seldom does one find a true to the heart person in this world, and rarer so when it is a lifelong partner that can go south real fast. Must the relationship gods smiled down at you long enough to bless you with the partner you are with today, and that is all that matters.

The more you read this and progress, the more you yearn to think of your partner giving you that buzzy, toasty feel. The feeling is so strong; you are subconsciously drawn into thinking so much about them. If you feel this way, read on! And if you don’t, read on to find out exactly what to look out for in your partner! Here are six shocking revelations you have found your true soulmate on this journey of life!


With a real, lifelong soulmate, there are not a lot of things that remain a challenge once both of you are on the case. It may be understood that on the way to achieving some feats, both of you have fared some serious road bumps along the way but that has only aided the cohesive process between you both. These hardships are now feathers in your cap that you proudly show off when indicating how your marriage withheld the test of time and challenges. Pulling through is a trait many married couples yearn for as it represents a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty as a married partner and break through for your partner and the marriage itself. Hip hips for you!


Okay so maybe reading each other’s mind is a tad excessive statement but in all honesty, you will constantly be barraged by what seems like coincidental moments where you can guess what they are about to say or do. Their needs and wants become yours, and you crave what they yearn for as well. This makes it pretty clear that you’ve found you one and only soul mate as you both have a matching mental pattern (or have developed ones). Often you don’t even have to ask for anything, and it makes its way to you to not only be delighted with the gesture but with the fact that you’re blessed to have that partner as well. Your intuition on what happens next is just based on how set you both are on making each other happy. Whatever you might need, your partner already has. It can be that your minds are aligned in such a way that makes this wordless transaction easy, or just the fact that your partner is caring enough to foresee your every need and cater to it. Set for life, you’re.


Despite being so uniquely perfect for the other person, it comes as a surprise that you are all of that while making zero effort into being someone you are not. If you can retain the consistency in your character, all while being all the more attractive for your partner, you really have struck gold. Of course, a lot of things change over the course of a relationship, but amongst all that chaos you have still managed to retain your core identity (and be loved for it!). In many relationships, people lose themselves to their mates over time, but that is definitely not happening in this one as you both respect and admire the individuality and consistency of character that you both possess. The bond is intimate and not built on a superficial foundation via temporary means. This leads to a generous existence of pure honesty.


There may be times when your partner makes cameo appearances in your dreams, on a regular basis. If you can’t seem to get enough of your significant other, so much so that they are frequenting your dreams, you can be sure you have found the one for life. Your love and bond encompasses all boundaries of time and space and even supersedes mechanisms like sleep and dreaming to ensure that at any given moment you are more likely to be having thoughts about them. While sometimes you catch bare glimpses of your significant other, under the right circumstances, these dreams are extremely lucid and life-like. However, how vivid the dreams are isn’t the question here. The point is that your partner is on your mind at all times, even when you aren’t making a conscious effort to think about them. The fact that they are based on a figment of your mind ensures that you are thinking of a happy place for your mate.You may have been dreaming about them all this time, and may never realize!


The moment that you find the person destined to be your soulmate, there is an innate desire for adventure that takes over the both of you. This feeling that you might not have ever felt before urges you to do things that you had previously never considered. This is another sign that the person you are with is indeed the one. They make you feel so secure in yourself that you feel like you can accomplish anything and everything, as long as they are by your side. Moreover, this also means that now that you have found them, you want to go about on a series of adventures together, creating memories and making things yours. The chances are that the two of you will travel a lot, seeing things you had never seen before and making mutual friends in places you never thought you’d visit. Now that you two have found each other, you are making your life perfect in all true senses of the word.


Another massive sign that the person you are with is indeed the one is that when they leave, for whatever reason, even for a little while, you start realizing how much easier they make your life. It isn’t like you can’t manage without them, but doing things with them is so much more convenient and better. Not only do the two of you work harmoniously, but your soul mate being away from you is an added distraction that takes away from your work. The presence of your soul mate has a significantly large and positive impact on you that can’t be denied.


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