17 Phrases That Make a Guy Fall for You

We all have one way or another to express our love and make someone feel more attracted to us. Phrases are mostly just meant to communicate but there some that hit right in that sweet spot and make anyone fall for you.

It is usually the guys that try their best to make girls fall in love with them, writing them long notes, sending them love letters, constantly sending them text messages and what not. But why shouldn’t girls do it too? Girls have a charm that is absolutely irresistible for guys.

Here are some phrases that girls can use to make a guy fall for them if used the right way.

1. “It always feels like I’m in heaven when you’re around.”

When you are with your man, you really feel that you are in a beautiful place. Saying this will let your partner know how much good you feel when you are with them. Letting him know that he makes you feel that you both are in a heaven of your own will increase his attraction towards you. He might feel the same about you too and open his feelings towards you.

2. “You can light up my world like no one can”


It often happens that you just do not feel that spark with someone, you are living a boring life with no inspiration until you find that special person. He suddenly lights up all the dark, dull things in your life and makes you feel pretty good. Let him know that he is your knight in the shining armor that brightened up your life and mood. He will be really happy to hear that from you.

3. “You are the bond that holds my broken life together”

We all feel incomplete all our lives until that one special person comes and makes everything seem perfect. If someone makes you feel like your life is complete, cherish their presence forever and do not let them go. Tell him how much he means to you and that he is the reason that your life is now complete. Letting him know his importance in your life will only make your bond stronger and your relationship better.

4. “If I had three wishes in my life, I would use them all on you”

The story involving the Genie and the bottle is one of the most famous fairytales, in which you are granted three wishes to get anything you want in this world. Him realizing that he is more precious to you than all the treasures of this world will increase his love for you. Although it is just a fairytale, it is the commitment and the truth that really matter.

5. “If I had a dollar for every time I thought about you, I’d be the richest person ever”

Sometimes you just cannot spend a moment without thinking about him. You miss him so much that it starts eating you from inside. You try to distract yourself with other things, but the thought of him just won’t let go. Don’t just keep this all to yourself. Tell him all this, tell him you much you miss him when you are alone. It may turn out that he may be thinking about you equally as you were thinking about him, this will pull him even closer to you that before.

6. “I cheer up whenever I see you”

Cheering someone up isn’t that easy, our moods turn good in front of people that matter to us. If a stranger tells you a joke or tries to make, you laugh you wouldn’t be comfortable and probably will not be joyful. But the moment you see your man after some time you get all cheered up without even saying anything or listening to him. This is your strong connection with him that makes you so thrilled when you see him, so say this to him, and you better notice that he may be equally ecstatic to see you.

7. “I wouldn’t want to live in a world without you”

Can you even imagine living in a world without your lover? I bet you can’t even think the possibility of it. A world without him would be completely useless for you, there would be no fun, and you would feel like there is no meaning to life and wouldn’t want to live. He will be both sentimental and happy at the same time to hear these words from you, what more could he want to hear from you.

8. “There are no words that can describe my love for you”

Words are a great way to describe something, but it is possible that there is a feeling that is so great that you may never find words that can do justice to how you feel. You may love your partner so much that you can’t think of the words to describe it to them. No matter what vocabulary, idiom or example you use is just not enough. These sweet words from your mouth will not only show your immense love for him but make him proud of himself.

9. “The first time I saw you, I had a feeling that we were made for each other”

Your lover will be delighted to hear this from you, as many people believe in love at first sight. He will realize that he had a pretty good impression on you that you thought about him this way. It is a rare phenomenon that when two people see each other, they know deep down inside that they can be together forever.

10. “Your voice makes me feel calm”

When you have a strong relationship with someone, even a glimpse of them or a simple sound of their voice can make you forget all the problems in your life. It is scientifically proven too that some voices have a calm, relaxing feeling in your brain, you just feel much more relaxed after hearing their voice. So call him whenever you are feeling down, talk to him, tell him that his voice soothes you.

11. “You have a beautiful caring heart”

Most people think that men only want to hear about their manliness and masculinity, so they feel strong but trust me they have a huge soft spot for caring and love. Tell your man that he is a very caring guy and watch his heart melt for you. It will make him feel awesome and make your relationship healthier.

12. “I have never seen anyone with a better personality than you”

These days everyone compliments each other on their looks which is getting too mainstream. People say that your smile is beautiful or you are very handsome and all. Looks are something you are gifted with, no one chooses them, and everyone is born with it. On the other hand, if you compliment someone about their personality and style they will feel proud. So compliment him more on his character than his looks.

13. “I am blessed to have you in my life”

If you feel that you are blessed that you have him by your side, do not shy away from telling him that. When he finds out that you feel really lucky to have him by your side, he will be ecstatic. He will feel on top of the world when he hears these words from you; this will result in a much more positive healthier relationship together. Everyone else might also be jealous of how great you two are with each other.

14. “The worst part of my day is when you are away from me”

A healthy relationship craves a lot of talk and activities. It is only normal that you feel sad when he leaves as you have a great time when you are with him. You send him texts; you poke him on social media just because you miss him a lot. Tell this to your man, it would make him feel great, and he may even try to spend much more time with you to try to make you happy.

15. “I’ve never known someone more masculine than you”

What else must make a man happier than someone recognizing their masculinity and appreciating it? Men are pretty serious about their masculinity and feel very proud when they are respected based on their masculinity. They will feel more like a man when you are with them. It will be a great feeling for him and you likewise.

16. “You showed me the meaning of love”

A lot of people do not believe in love until they have been struck with that bolt of lightning and they fall in love themselves. Everyone makes fun of love until they find that one soul mate and then they are trapped in the cage of love forever. Letting your man know that he was the one who made you realize what love is would give him an overwhelming feeling of happiness.


17. “You should know that I trust you with my whole life”

Trust is arguably the most important part of a relationship; trust is the primary foundation for all relationship. It is impossible to love someone you can’t trust; you can’t even share your secrets with them. Giving someone complete confidence that you believe them is the most loving and bravest thing a person can do. Letting him know that you trust him with your life will be a proud moment for him, it puts a lot of responsibility on him, and as trust is a two-way street, then he will put all his faith and trust in you too.

All these phrases, used in the right way can easy make a guy fall for you girls. But remember that repeating them, again and again, will make them meaningless. Say it from your heart as you mean it, say it to make them closer to you rather than making fun of them.


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