13 Things That Completely Remove Tartar from Your Teeth

artar is bacteria that gathers around the lines of our gums. It’s at the bottom of our teeth. It’s dangerous and unhygienic- it also eventually leads to gum disease which can cause a lot of other serious problems. No one wants yellow teeth; everyone wants a good smile that doesn’t smell bad or look bad. Oral health is important for many reasons, and it is in some ways the most exposed area also. We put food in our bodies through our mouth; we need to make sure it is kept clean – even logic wise.

Brushing your teeth is not enough to clean our mouth properly. It the tongue, the gums and all over health that needs to be maintained. And considering that the human body deteriorates with age, we need to make sure we keep our body healthy for what is about to come our way.

There have been many types of research regarding the link between lacking oral hygiene and serious diseases in the body. Gum inflammation and illness are linked to a human developing Alzheimer’s. It is also associated with pancreatic cancer and heart disease. Now, these are some major organs that can’t be compromised just for not keeping your mouth clean properly.
There are a lot of things one can do about it and form certain habits. For starters, it is advisable to take your sweet time while brushing your teeth, use proper equipment with a good toothpaste. It is also known that electronic brushes to a better job than manually brushing our teeth. You need to make sure you very thoughtfully and carefully touch the parts of your teeth where they meet the gums and clean the tongue also. It is a misconception that covering your toothbrush with a cap is going to protect it and keep it clean but that encourages for more bacteria growth. One should also replace their toothbrush every 3-4 Months and floss time to time. There is mouthwash available for better mouth hygiene also.

1. Mint oil and Lemon

You have to take anise, lemon, and water and mint oil. Take all the ingredients and mix them with each other very well. Once you have made this mixture, use a few drops of it regularly to rinse your mouth with. It will help you keep a better hygiene of your lips.

2. Rosemary and Mint

Take half cup rosemary, two cups of water and one cup of fresh mint. Mix all these ingredients well in boiling water and leave it there for about fifteen minutes. Drain the liquid out from all that mixture and let it refrigerate. Once it has cooled down, use that to rinse your mouth with.

3. Regular Flossing

Flossing is essential to keep your mouth clean because there are places that our toothbrush can’t easily reach and even though electric brushes are way more useful, some corners can be left. For that you can use a piece of floss, to reach the dirty areas between your teeth and using a gargling mouth wash to clean later all the mess that you have flossed. The added advantage of floss is to clean the gum and the area where the tooth connects to the gum, and toothbrushes don’t do that easily.

4. Coconut Oil

Yes, you read that right, coconut oil. All you have to do is take a few tablespoons out and melt them till it turns liquid. Now, use it as mouthwash and rinse your mouth with it. A lot of research is backing this is. Coconut oil has the properties to protect your mouth from bacteria, cleaning the orifices of your mouth properly, helping you in not developing cavities and in addition to all these amazing things whiten your teeth too.

5. Use Fluoride Toothpaste

There is a good reason for why fluoride is an integral constituent of any toothpaste you see. How it works, is that it helps in the increase of the fluoride already present in the mouth. You have more fluoride in your mouth than there already is. In such a context, it strengthens your teeth and also helps in the prevention of any inflammation or cavities in your teeth. The outer layer of your teeth (which is called the enamel) becomes even stronger than before, and one is not susceptible to aches and pains due to consuming acidic things. Due to fluoride, the area which is affected or infected begins to fix the damaged areas and are halted from forming tartar.

6. Use Toothpaste Specifically Targeting Tartar Control

From the entire discussion, it would be fair to infer that to control tartar, specific and targeted toothpaste are to be used for it. Particular toothpaste for specific areas will help you remove plaque and tartar both. It, in turn, will help you to prevent your gums from infection by keeping essential areas of the gums and teeth clean. Necessary toothpaste ingredients involve a lot of other chemicals such as zine, pyrophosphates, and citrate. These chemicals break down the formation of tartar in your teeth. Antibiotics can also be found in this toothpaste for further protection.

7. Use Gel Taken out of Aloe Vera Plant and Scrub made of Glycerin

Gel took out of Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerine, baking Soda, lemon oil, and water. Mix all these things and make a paste out of it. Then use that paste to brush your teeth with and rinse after.
Use it regularly in the beginning and once the tartar goes away, use it once or twice in a week.

8. Use The Peel of an Orange for Tartar

Use a peel directly on your teeth for a couple of minutes and then leave your mouth like that for a bit. Rinse it afterward with water.

A paste can also be made out of the Orange peels and applied to the teeth. Leave the paste on for 1-2 minutes and then rinse it off.

The peels to fight microorganisms that exist in our mouth. It is affordable, readily available way to whiten yellow teeth filled with tartar.

9. Consume more Fruits And Vegetables

It is fruitful, yet also imperative to consume apples, different sorts of melon, celery, and carrots. Dentists suggest that you should have these at least 60 minutes or so after you have had food, you can use nature’s way to clean your mouth. It removes remaining particles, chances of getting the plaque or yellow your teeth. Also, it helps to make the gums stronger.

10. Chew Sesame Seeds

You need to slowly chew on the seeds, but it is important to know that after chewing you cannot swallow them. You can just spit them out of use a dry toothbrush to do the job. It is to be done at least two times in 7 days.

The seeds rub against the teeth and in plain language work as a scrub, taking the tartar off your teeth. They also do the same for removing or getting rid of plaque.

11. Eat Figs

The whole purpose of eating them is to eat them slowly if you do it in a fast manner they might not be as effective.

You have to eat them regularly, and it is preferred that you do it a few hours after having your meal. It is the time when you need cleaning the most.

It doesn’t just help clean off tartar but also helps in making your gums stronger. By chewing them slowly, you are activating your glands that produce saliva. It aids in cleaning the teeth and also getting rid of the plague.

12. Automatic Toothbrush

Several acclaimed dentists recommend the use of an electronically charged toothbrush as compared to a normal one – they consider it to be more efficient in cleaning teeth and gums. It helps to remove the tartar and keep your teeth clean and glowing.

13. Lemon

Brushing your teeth with the same regularity is important.

After rinsing your toothbrush with water dip it into some lemon juice. Gently rub the brush with this juice on your teeth and gums.

Let it soak and settle in for a minute or so before rinsing your mouth with tepid water.

Repeat this every alternate day, initially. Later when things get better, you can do it once after a week.

The acidic content of lemon is mainly responsible due to its antimicrobial properties. It helps to dissolve and in eventually removing the plaque and tartar. It also contributes to whiten your teeth as it acts as a natural bleaching agent.


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