12 Obvious Signs Prove That Your Crush Wants To Be More Than ‘Just Friends’.

Getting into friend zone is the easiest thing people can do to spend time with their crush, but getting out of it is difficult to impossible. A lot of times people don’t tell about their feelings to their crush thinking it might end their friendship. So, how and when should you express your feelings? Here we have listed some signs that prove your crush wanst to be more than friends. Do a favor to your single soul, do not miss these signs.

12 signs your crush is more than friends. Take a look!

1. The way they look at you

It’s all in their eyes and the way they look at you proves everything. If they don’t like you, you will catch them staring at other people or not looking at you while you are talking.


2. Mirroring

While you are talking, they start mirroring your body language and pay attention to what you say.


3. Trying to make you laugh

You can see the efforts they put on to make you laugh. This is a very good quality that women look for in guys. If you like a guy and he’s funny, you’re going to spend a lot of time laughing. There is no rocket science.


4. Remembering the details

If your crush remembers the small details, it means they are totally into you. It proves that they always listen to you carefully and really interested to know what you have to tell.


5. They act differently around you

Your crush starts acting little different when they see you and it’s quite visible for a third person.


6. Never say no you

You are on their priority list and they always wanna spend time with you.


7. The jealousy card is always there

If he is into you and sees you with some other guy, he is certainly not going to be okay to see you dating some other guy.


8. The first one to notice change in you

Be it a physical or some other changes, they are the ones to notice it first.


9. Tagging you in memes all day

You will see them tagging you in relatable memes or the videos they find cute.


10. Change in tone

When they talk to you, there is a sudden change in tone and it sounds energized and it looks like they excited to talk to you.


11. Compliments 

Not the cliche compliments but he might tell you that he loves the way you eat or how cute you look while sleeping.


12. Using hands while talking

According to the science of body language, it is one of the signs that a guy likes you if he uses his hands more when he’s talking to you than when he’s talking to other people. This is because men wish to make themselves understood to make sure that they can transmit their message to you.



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