10 Myths About P0rn That Never Happens In Real Life

There are many myths about s3x in the society and we are in a society where we generally don’t get s3xual knowledge at home and search it outside. Eventually, we only consider the online videos as the best s3xual teacher, but how can you be so sure that whatever happens in porn films is true and feasible to apply in our practical life? You should actually not copy all the s3xual activities because there are many things that porn shows but never happens as it is in real life and if you copy all the things, in reality, it may lead a disaster.

1. You Are Not Getting Captured

Yes, the biggest difference in porn and real s3x is that you are not getting captured. When you do s3x in real life, there is no one around but in porn, they do it under the camera. The presence of camera while having s3x may cause an effect on your s3xual activities.



2. They Never get failed

When the actors do s3x in porn, they are like the toppers of the class that never fail their exam. But while doing in real life, remember you may mislead the activities that can result in a bad climax.


3. Stimulation Is Needed To Achieve Orgasm

In porn, a woman never take much time, they hardly take few seconds but the reality is the exact opposite of it. If you try to turn on a lady in real, it usually takes at least 10-15 minutes or sometimes more than that. Stimulation is needed to achieve orgasm, maybe not in porn but in reality, it is really necessary.


4. Movie Is Scripted

The s3xual activities we see in porn are just scripted, there is no spontaneity. But when you do it in real life nothing is scripted, you do it with love and more realistic approach.


5. The Fake Voices

The loud voices during s3x are actually one of the myths. Porn portrays the exaggerated version of s3x. They create too many fake voices that don’t happen in reality.


6. IT Is Just A Profession

The people doing s3x on screen are doing it just for money, they are professional porn actors. There is no sensuality or the sense of love between them, whereas in real life you feel a connection while doing it with your loved ones.


7. The Role Of Position

Myths always mislead us. The position used in videos may be a fantasy for you to try, but all of them are not possible in real life. In porn, they go very easy with each position but you may face trouble to apply them during real s3x.


8. Everyone Loves 

Do not believe the myths of those fascinating videos. You cannot enjoy s3x without the perfect lubrication and anus do not produce natural lube like the vagina does. In real life, anal s3x really takes a lot of effort and pain but on screen, the actors do it on tips that you cannot even imagine.


9. Foreplay

Many things are just myth, like foreplay. For the actors, foreplay is the least important thing.  But generally, people don’t get turn on without the foreplay, foreplay is an important stage of s3x in real.


10. Women Love To Look

Porn-actors don’t take time to look each other, but in reality, it takes time as it works like visual stimulation for women and they really love this part.



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